Innovation, testing and learning

Using test and learn, co-design and shared learning to develop new approaches to tackle difficult challenges.

Helping you find new ways to influence policy, shape funding and deliver impact through shared learning

We work with clients to help them explore new ways of thinking and delivering services using test and learn approaches to unlock promising ideas that can be replicated and scaled.  Whether using a funding intervention, co-designing pilot projects or supporting the development of ideas, we use our expertise in engagement, learning and design to help clients make the case for change.

How we can help you

  • Being a partner to help you unlock, make sense of, and share learning. As your learning partner we provide an objective, critical role in listening and helping to capture learning from your programmes and interventions.  We create safe and inclusive space to share learning, helping you to find the best way of using this to shape and influence your work and those of others.
  • Creating learning platforms and developing capacity in communities and organisations. We create dynamic shared learning opportunities, providing accessible and interesting ways of bringing people and organisations to learn from each other as well as design and deliver training and knowledge sessions to support wide learning across sectors and disciplines.
  • Designing and delivering challenge funds. Using our experience in research, evaluation and grantmaking, we bring a unique offer to the design and delivery of challenge funds, to test promising interventions and using evaluation techniques to identify those ready to replicate and scale.
  • Developing and testing new propositions and pilots. Bringing our shared learning and experience of service design, co-design and co-production together into propositions for testing as a proof of concept through delivering a pilot either directly or as part of a partnership.
  • Sourcing insights, gathering and analysing learning. Using a combination of primary research and rapid evidence and literature reviews we bring together best practice and insights to help share learning across sectors, using case studies, benchmarking and thematic analysis to identify common themes, approaches and gaps.

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