Designing strategy and services

Strategy and service design with people, communities and stakeholders to improve lives.

Using systems thinking, service design and lived experience to enable resilient, healthy and inclusive communities

Using the latest policy and practice we use evidence-led, person-centred and data-driven approaches to help clients design their strategies and services. Co-production is a key part of our work as is combining the skills and knowledge of partners and organisations to create shared commitment and buy-in to mobilise change.

How we can help you

  • Understanding the policy and operational context. We can conduct a detailed review of public and service related data to understand socio-economic conditions, trends in service use as well as a desk-review of policy, funding, legislation and related strategies/frameworks.  We bring this together into a baseline report to create a shared understanding of the context.
  • Reviewing best practice and future proofing ideas and approaches. We look to other places, organisations and practice to look at what works, learning from similar work and setting this within the future, using backcasting, horizon scanning and future thinking techniques.
  • Using listening projects, consultation and community research to capture lived experience. Using a blend of consultation techniques such as peer research and set within an ethical and safeguarding framework, we work with people to understand the impact of strategies and services on their lives so we can ensure their voice is integral to the design process.
  • Mobilising the talents of people, organisations and communities to shape services. Recognising that everyone has a role to play in making a strategy and services successful we use facilitation and design techniques to build trust and confidence and encourage active participation in design delivery and governance.
  • Creating compelling narratives and outputs underpinned by evidence to inspire action. Making sense of complexity and creating accessible information and report outputs so that everyone can understand the issues, the challenges, the context and the potential for change so everyone with a vested interest are included and heard.
  • Embedding tools and frameworks for measuring progress and impact. We leave a range of tools such as action plans, impact indicators, data dashboards and performance frameworks to help measure implementation and effectiveness, including harnessing and monitoring social value.

What our clients say

We launched the report at our Annual Public Meeting on Wednesday 30th to over 60 organisations and residents. The response has been enormously exciting and rewarding with organisations already discussing among and between themselves actions they can take to improve awareness, accessibility, their services, networking and cooperation for the benefit of those in the greatest need. Rocket Science went above and beyond to land this report. Highly recommend them as a vastly experienced research resource in this space.

Luke Tegner, Trustee, The Barnes Fund

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