Evaluation and social impact

Understanding what works and why to improve programmes and social impact

Expert, independent support to design and deliver process and impact evaluations including economic and social impact.

Rocket Science are experts in evaluation and social impact measurement, helping organisations to understand the effectiveness of their programmes and interventions and quantify their economic and social impact.

How we can help you

  • Designing the theory of change (toc) or logic underpinning the programme/intervention. Whether you need to create or refine the rationale we can work with you, your stakeholders and beneficiaries to ensure that the evaluation is grounded and meets recognised standards ie Nesta Standards of Evidence.
  • Developing the evaluation framework, research questions and methodology. We spend time during our scoping phase to understand the evaluation requirements, whether its about process, outcomes and/or impact. We make sure the research questions and methods are aligned, proportionate and provide the indicators needed to measure what matters, both practically and objectively.
  • Engaging stakeholders and people in the process. We use engaging ways to capture the voices of people and stakeholders, including using co-production and co-design techniques, such as peer research, 360 case studies and other ethnographic methods.
  • Creating opportunities for learning. Evaluations are not static, we help our clients to learn as we go, taking time to reflect on the insights and learning of what is and is not working and particularly for formative evaluations, how delivery may need to shift to accommodate policy, funding or changes to partners.
  • Analysing and reporting the data. We use various techniques for analysing data, bringing quantitative and qualitative insights together, considering outcome, impact and thematic analysis alongside economic and social impact using SROI and cost benefit analysis. We have expertise in bringing data and insight to life in an accessible way using a range of tools and techniques (data dashboards, data stories, infographics, interactive spreadsheets).
  • Communicating the findings and framing recommendations. We present our findings clearly and simply using different media to reach as wider audience as possible, and working with you to identify practical recommendations set within emerging policy and operational contexts.  Working alongside you to use and create opportunities for dissemination, replication and scaling.

What our clients say

Rocket Science pushed us to be clear about what our service was, so that it could be usefully evaluated. It was a very iterative process, if things went awry, there was a collective responsive. It was a collaborative, partnership-style approach…I cannot speak more highly of them. They knew the project, they had clearly done their research, they were experienced in multiple areas. They thought about how to adapt to get the necessary information and found ways to get feedback from clients.

Shelter Scotland

We have been hugely impressed by their professionalism, their understanding of a range of topics, and the excellent communication throughout. What we have appreciated most … was their ability to involve our staff and volunteers in the development of the right evaluation model to suit such a vast and complex piece of work. Using innovative techniques, they spent time to engage with the right people, to ensure that the tools being used would be sensitive to the needs of our client group.

Glasgow Life and Macmillan Cancer Support

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For more information on our work or how we can help with your next project, get in touch info@rocketsciencelab.co.uk.