Resources, tools and data products

Use resources, tools and data products to support monitoring, planning and decision-making.

We create tools and resources and build your skills to help improve your programmes and organisation.

We are committed to giving our clients the tools and resources to manage their programmes, organisation and improve their performance.  We do this by creating updatable data stories, dashboards, and diagnostic tools to help clients measure the impact and social value of their projects in real time.

How we can help you

  • Data stories. Any data visualisation tool can create a graph, but is it useful? We deliver data stories, to help with impact reporting and decision-making including visual reports, interactive maps, blogs, slide decks and infographics.
  • Interactive dashboards. We build interactive reporting tools to visualise data on a single screen and allow users to slice and dice data to dig deeper. We will setup dashboards to help monitor your programme in real time and provide a visual summary of your data. Whether it’s in Excel or Google Data Studio, we help find the right approach for you.
  • Diagnostic tools. We provide custom tools to help organisations and partnerships understand their strengths and weaknesses, their impact and appetite for change, as well as practical tools to help charities cost their services effectively. We offer a wide range of free to access and bespoke tools designed to meet your specific needs.  
  • Measuring social return investment and cost benefit analysis in real time. We build resources, that can measure the value and return of investment as you deliver your project or following delivery, and providing you with simple tools to demonstrate your achievements, targets and outcomes.
  • Developing skills and knowledge. We offer a range of bespoke training courses to help build skills and knowledge in research techniques, data visualisation, evaluation and impact reporting for different levels of need and competence.

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Easy to use

Just download the Excel file and start your self-assessment.

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Take assessment

Rate your organisation across six sub-domains

OSR freemium tool – screenshot 1
Immediate results

Get a visual summary of your strength review

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Try our Organisational Strength Review tool

Explore one of our diagnostic self-assessment tools for free. Simply download the Excel file and rate your organisation across different areas to get a visual summary report of your strengths and weaknesses.

Invest in a more detailed strength review

A more detailed and intensive strengths review involves gathering multiple perspectives from trustees, staff, volunteers and people that use services including surveys, focus groups and interviews. This provides richer insight into your organisation to create an improvement plan and recommendations for support. If you would like to invest in an Organisational Strength Review, please get in touch for more information and indicative costings.

Free service costing tool

We have found that many charities do not cost their services in a way that enables full cost recovery when they are bidding for funding or contracts. We developed this free tool to support organisations applying for grants, contracts or other funding to better understand their costs of delivery.

We hope you find it helpful and check back for updates each financial year!

I have never seen an organisational strength review like this, It’s a tool that I feel will benefit many organisations, especially grassroots. Giving orgs an up to date review of their organisations whilst identifying areas of improvements. Everyone should have this!

Darwin Bernardo, Community Engagement Lead, Violence Reduction Unit

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