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Turning information into data insight we help you make sense of data

We have a wealth of experience in delivering high quality consultation, research and data insight across our specialisms.  We help clients get to the heart of the issue, finding the best way to design research, collect data and translate both large and complex data insight into accessible and powerful evidence. 

How we can help you

  • Any type of data. We are experts in ethically collecting and handling all sorts of data – quantitative and qualitative, big and small.  We analyse high volume public consultations as well as publicly available datasets such as the Charity Commission register, public health data, and workforce survey data.
  • New or existing data. We use primary and secondary research techniques designing reliable data collection tools, including online and telephone surveys, interviews and focus groups. We analyse existing data sets, such as official statistics and produce evidence reviews.
  • Innovative approaches. We work closely with our clients to find the best way to answer research questions and develop data insight. We use peer research (community researcher) methods, are trauma informed and constantly update our skills identifying best practice and developing new  techniques.
  • Wide range of tools. We use Survey Monkey, Nvivo, QGIS, Excel Statistical Analysis Toolkit, Python, SQL, Google Data Studio, Datawrapper, Flourish and more. We are accredited in Social Return on Investment Analysis and the Manchester New Economy Cost Benefit Analysis Toolkit.
  • Presentation knowhow.  We know how to present complex data using best practice in data visualisation and create high quality charts, infographics, interactive dashboards and data stories.

What our clients say

“We can’t thank Rocket Science enough for their support, guidance and expertise around our 2020/21 needs analysis – Our City, Our Future; building upon the relationship developed when conducting our first peer research in 2017. […] The project was collaborative from the outset – it was a joy to work with Dina and Ciara and I’m looking forward to opportunities to work together again in the future.” 

Matira Wheeler, Communications & Marketing Manager, Young Westminster Foundation 

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