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Bridging Divides City Bridge Trust Strategy Review

Rocket Science supported the City Bridge Trust (CBT) with the Interim Review of its 5-year strategy, Bridging Divides, 2018-23 which had the objective of “redesigning the Trust’s work for the Covid-19 health crisis and beyond.”  The pandemic has provided CBT, like a lot of organisations with the chance to accelerate and try things which it may have previously considered, but not yet got around to implementing.  We used a consultation framework, anchored in the Trust’s PACIER values (i.e. Progressive, Adaptive, Collaborative, Inclusive, Environmentally-responsible and Representative), to reflect on what the Trust should do now. 

  • Client: City Bridge Trust
  • Location: London
  • Methods: Research and analysis. Innovation, testing and learning
  • Outputs: Report

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