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When is a distance travelled tool a bad idea?

Distance travelled tools are a popular way of understanding the progression someone has made through a service. They are almost a standard part of any funder or commissioner’s monitoring ask and certainly feature heavily in evaluations and impact measurement. Clare Hammond explores when and how to use distance travelled tools […]

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Rocket Science review of philanthropy for the GLA

Earlier this year Rocket Science were commissioned by the Greater London Authority to produce a Review of Philanthropy in London. As you may know, last week Centre for London published More, Better, Together: A Strategic Review of Giving in London; this follows earlier calls for action, from the London Fairness Commission (2016) and Charities Aid […]

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Building financial resilience in young people and families

Rocket Science held an event on how to build finanical resilience in young people in May, find out more about the discussions, learning and access event notes and presentations.   Building financial resilience in people of all ages is critical to help them manage their working lives now and in the future.  Traditionally much of […]

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