Caroline Masundire

Co-owner and Joint Managing Director – London office

Caroline Masundire is co-owner and co-Managing Director in the London office at Rocket Science and has been with company since 2007.

She has spent over 28 years in economic and community development in various roles, but for the past 16 years within policy, research and consultancy. With a background in managing employment and skills programmes in East London and eleven years in recruitment and training, she has designed and managed a range of consultancy projects. She has particular expertise in supporting small/medium sized charities, evaluating funding programmes, as well as designing effective consultation and research with vulnerable groups.

Specialist areas

  • Employability, skills and education 
  • Poverty and welfare 
  • Policy, strategy and programme design 
  • Evaluation and impact assessment 
  • Needs assessment and analysis 
  • Place-based thinking and approaches 
  • Learning partner and capacity building 
  • Feasibility studies 


  • London’s Giving – Impact Evaluation and Learning Partner for Place-based Giving 
  • London Borough of Kingston Homelessness Prevention Trailblazer Evaluation 
  • Oak Common and Park Royal Development Corporation – Skills and Employment Strategy and Employment Hub Feasibility Study
  • Local Government Association – Review into local government employment and skills responses to local economic recovery from Covid-19 
  • Impact on Urban Health (GSTTC) – Review of Long-term conditions and purposeful activity, feasibility study into in-work health support for domiciliary care workers 
  • London Borough of Waltham Forest – Think Work Strategy and Review (2015/2019/2021)
  • DWP/DHSC Work And Health Unit – Challenge Fund Management and Learning Partner (Project Director and learning lead)
  • Greater London Authority – Consultation into Virtual Employment and Skills Hub for Skills for Londoners’ Strategy 
  • West London Alliance – Development of skills demand and employment tools and research with Institute of Employment Studies 
  • Nottinghamshire County Council – Inclusive Employment Study
  • Unmet need research studies, funder review and state of the sector studies– RPLC/Hampton Fund, Barnes Fund, Westminster Foundation, LB Redbridge, LB Waltham Forest. 

Little weaknesses

  • Hates making tea for people and others making tea for her (ask me and I will tell you why)
  • BritFunk nerd 
  • Always changing hair color – currently pink