Saliha Majeed – Hajaj

Senior Consultant – London office

With a background encompassing various academic roles and contributions to public health education, Saliha brings a holistic approach to her work. She effectively engages with diverse communities, fostering inclusivity and understanding. Saliha has a track record of contributing to significant projects.

Her involvement in the “Connecting during Covid” research project highlighted her ability to manage and coordinate, conduct empirical research, and advocate for vulnerable migrant rights. Additionally, she played a role in the NIHR-funded Co-REM initiative, contributing to the design and implementation of health education resources for minority communities during the pandemic.

With proficiency in qualitative interviews, thematic analysis, and grounded theory, Saliha has presented valuable insights at a national symposium and contributed to health information communication through publications. Her commitment to accessible research is evident in her exploration of innovative communication approaches, including visual representation. Furthermore, Saliha’s combination of practitioner and researcher experience brings a well-rounded perspective to her work, enhancing both research endeavors and direct support for asylum-seeking children.

Throughout her career, Saliha’s multifaceted skills, including qualitative data analysis, community engagement, stakeholder collaboration, and project management, have consistently enabled her to drive meaningful change and contribute positively to society.

Specialist areas

  • Work with seldom heard populations
  • Qualitative data insights
  • Project Management and stakeholder management
  • Co-design and participatory research
  • Inclusivity and Community Engagement


  • Highland Council
  • Young Westminster Foundation
  • Walcot Foundation
  • London Early Years Foundation 
  • NHS England
  • Fusion 21
  • Greater London Authority

Little weaknesses

  • Scones + clotted cream any time of the day
  • Cycling in all weathers
  • Always rather be in nature