Clare Hammond

Clare Hammond is co-owner and a Director in the Edinburgh Office specialising in health and social care also working extensively across our employability, homelessness, justice and poverty projects. Her work on health and social care focuses on mental health, trauma informed practice, multiple and complex needs, long term conditions, addictions and recovery, and health inequalities. 

Clare is the Rocket Science lead for health and social care, and quantitative impact analysis including cost benefit analysis (CBA) and social return on investment (SROI). 

Clare is also the HR Lead for Rocket Science developing and implementing HR infrastructure and processes, managing recruitment and development of Rocket Scientists with a focus on diversity and inclusion, intent based leadership, and talent management. 

Bachelor of Commerce and Administration in Public Policy and Economics (1st class honours in Public Policy), University of Victoria Wellington 

Manchester New Economy Cost Benefit Analysis Training 

Social Return on Investment Practitioner training – Social Value UK 

APMG Better Business Cases Foundation and Practitioner Training. 

Specialist areas

  • Health and social care 
  • Employability, skills and education 
  • Public finance 
  • Strategy and organisational development  
  • Quantified impact analysis – including Cost Benefit Analysis and Social Return on Investment 
  • Developing, reviewing and assessing Better Business Cases 
  • Partnership working and delivery 
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods, evaluation, and data analysis 
  • Service design  
  • Project management  


  • NHS GGC – Trauma Informed Practice Training Needs Assessment for addictions, justice, homelessness, and police custody and prison health care 
  • Macmillan Cancer Support – Evaluations of Macmillan @ Glasgow Libraries, Macmillan @ West Dunbartonshire Libraries, Macmillan Information and Support Services in Northern Ireland and the Cancer Nurse Workforce Census in Scotland 
  • Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland – Evaluation and service design for Health Defence prevention programme 
  • Barnardo’s Scotland on behalf of the Glasgow Family Support Partnership – evaluation of the GFSP early family support intervention pilot 
  • East Dunbartonshire Council – Mental health and addiction service integration review 
  • Endometriosis UK: Scottish diagnosis and care service research and review 

Little Weaknesses

  • Mars Bar ice creams – potentially the key reason for Clare’s migration from New Zealand 
  • Shoes – particularly boots – you should see the collection of shoes under her desk at work 
  • Bad reality TV – basically anything that isn’t The Wiggles, her son’s current obsession.