Ciara Taylor

Ciara is a Lead Consultant in the London office. She works across a range of areas including health and social care, poverty and welfare, and employment and skills. Within her work she provides specialist insight and knowledge to Rocket Science on gender and young people.  

Ciara is experienced in supporting and managing youth peer research projects. She has worked on a range of projects training up peer researchers, supporting them throughout fieldwork and analysing gathered data. In her work, Ciara concentrates on the value of lived experience and listening to those who are most disadvantaged. She uses her work at Rocket Science to amplify the voices of these people and support them to make changes to service design and delivery. 

Specialist areas

  • Gender related health and social care 
  • Youth needs and services 
  • Creative and arts service provision 
  • Diversity and inclusion within sports 
  • Qualitative and quantitative research methods, evaluation, and data analysis 
  • Facilitating and supporting youth peer research


  • Endometriosis UK: Scottish diagnosis and care service research and review  
  • NHS England – Evaluation of Gender Dysphoria Services 
  • Camden Council – STEAM programme research and evaluation 
  • A New Direction – Young people in the creative and cultural sector research  
  • Young Westminster Foundation – Youth needs consultation and assessment  
  • oneRichmond: Youth needs consultation and assessment  
  • England and Wales Cricket Board – Monitoring and evaluation framework for their new Park Champions programme  
  • Essex County Council – assistive technology pilot study for young people with autism 
  • Young Lives vs Cancer (previously CLIC Sargent) – Evaluation of the Morrisons Partnership 
  • Guys and St Thomas’ Charity – Impact of COVID-19 review 

Little weaknesses

  • Treating my plants like they’re people 
  • Eating too much marmite on toast 
  • Unable to finish watching a TV series