Cherri Blissett

Co-owner and Joint Managing Director – Newcastle office

Cherri Blissett is co-owner and a Director in the Newcastle Office specialising in employment, justice and multiple, complex needs.  She has been at Rocket Science since 2008, with a break (2014-20) working in the charitable sector in executive director roles, in operations, business development and corporate services. 

MSc, Rural resources and countryside management, Newcastle University

BSc, Environmental Management, University of Northumbria

Specialist areas

  • Employability, housing and homelessness, community justice, addictions and recovery, trauma, and mental health  
  • Change management and performance improvement  
  • Strategic planning, business development and diversification Employability and education 
  • Poverty and welfare 
  • Project and programme design and service redesign 
  • Evaluation and impact assessment 
  • Needs assessment and analysis 
  • Feasibility studies 


  • YGAM (Young Gamers and Gamblers Education Trust)– Evaluation of their education programme   
  • Church of England and Catholic Church – Evaluation of Safe delivered by Victim Support for survivors of church based abuse  
  • Street League – market needs assessment and business planning 
  • Salvation Army – cost of homelessness in Scotland research  
  • Dumfries and Galloway LEADER evaluation 
  • Mental Health Matters – service design of employment support services  
  • The Salvation Army cost of homelessness in Scotland research 
  • North East Registered Housing Providers Employability Partnership – operating model and plan development  

Little weaknesses

  • Being outside, gardening, at the allotment or just poking around looking for a nice stick or stone!  
  • Being in the Austrian mountains – either in the summer or winter 
  • Seventies disco music