South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Fund programme evaluation – data privacy information

Rocket Science UK Ltd is an independent research and consultancy organisation registered as a company in Scotland. This privacy notice explains how our organisation uses the personal data we collect from you or receive from the organisations funded through the Violence Reduction Fund[1] about you as part of our research and consultancy services.

We are committed to protecting the personal data we hold in line with the requirements of the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. We recognise that is it your data and we treat it with respect. 

What data we collect about you

The data we collect is tailored specifically to the research project we are undertaking. In deciding which data to collect we consider what is needed to complete the project we are working on and the consent we have obtained from you – this includes the consent that the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit has obtained from you before sharing data with us.

The data we may collect from you and/or your child includes:

  • Your name
  • Contact details (email address, address, phone number)
  • Personal details eg age, gender, ethnicity, looked after status
  • Programme participation (eg the programme you took part in)
  • Programme outcome data (eg wellbeing outcomes, impact of the programme on you, attendance)

How we collect your data

Our research is done on behalf of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit. Some of the data we require for the research is collected by us, and some of it is collected by the organisation whose programmes you attended and provided to us so that we can use it in our research.

The data we collect from you and/or your child will be through our field research. We will be collecting data from young people, parents/guardians and organisations providing programmes through face-to-face consultation, workshops, surveys, progress logs and telephone interviews.

Rocket Science may also receive your personal data from the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit or organisations funded by them. This data will be provided to us securely. For this particular piece of research, we will receive the following information from South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit or organisations funded by them:

  • Organisations funded and staff contact details
  • Details about participants in the programmes, their contact details
  • Monitoring data including demographic data, attendance and outcome data.

How we use your personal data

Our research is done on behalf of the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit. We will use your data for the sole purpose to evaluate the impact and effectiveness of the Violence Reduction Fund 2022. You can find out more details on how we will use and process your data below.  

  • We will use unique identifiers to match datasets and keep personal details such as names and contact details stored separately from our analysis files.  
  • Our analysis will aggregate individual data and ensure that no individual will be identifiable in any outputs we produce such as reports or dashboards. 
  • We do not share any data sets with anyone outside of Rocket Science that contains personal information.  
  • We may use the contact details provided by you for follow up interviews and/or surveys.  
  • Any information you provide in interviews will be anonymised. 

How we store your data

Your data (name and contact details) will be transferred to us by organisations funded through  the Violence Reduction Fund securely, either directly or via the South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit.

Your data might be stored in all or some of the following locations: 

  • Our cloud based shared filing system SharePoint. SharePoint is a Microsoft product attached to Office 365. All access to our SharePoint is password protected and any files containing personal data have additional password protection. Any device with access to our SharePoint is also password protected and stored securely. 
  • If you take part in any survey with us, your data will be held by SmartSurvey. You can read more about their data policy here.  

We hold all personal data securely and in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation 2018. We will retain personal data securely and only in line with how long it is necessary to keep for the purposes or for a legitimate and lawful reason. The data controller is Rocket Science, registered at 22 Stafford Street, Edinburgh, EH3 7BD. 

We require a legal basis to process your personal and sensitive data. The legal basis we will be using for this project is: 

  •  Consent: the individual has given clear consent for you to process their personal data for a specific purpose. 

How long will we keep your data?

We keep your personal data on file after the research project is complete to enable us to complete further processing should this be requested by South Yorkshire Violence Reduction Unit as part of the contract we hold with them. We will not process your data outwith the requirements of this contract. We will delete your personal data once we are comfortable that it is no longer needed for the purposes for which it was processed, and within 3 years.

Access, check or update your personal data 

You can contact us at any time to check what personal data we hold for you, or to make changes to it, via the Contact Form on our website or by emailing

You can ask us to delete any personal information that we hold and/or stop sending you information at any time via the Contact form on the website or by emailing

You have the right, to request details of personal information that we hold about you from us. You can make such a request by email using the Contact Form on the website or by emailing We will take steps to confirm your identity before releasing any information to you. We will always try to respond to your request within 10 working days, unless there are exceptional circumstances. 

It is your right to know what personal information we hold about you and if necessary, have it corrected. If having contacted us, you do not receive the service to which you feel that you are entitled, you have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority, The Information Commissioner’s Office –

How to contact us 

If you have any questions about our privacy statement, the data we hold on you, or you would like to exercise one of your data protection rights, please do not hesitate to contact our data protection officer Irene Kinroy. 

[1] Programmes included in the project are: Worth Unlimited, Sheffield Music School, Titans Rugby, Allama Iqbal Cricket, YWHP, Hilltop Centre, Grow UK, Dinnington Boxing