Research, Consultation and Analysis

We are passionate about evidence – turning information into intelligence

We carry out a wide range of research tasks – for example, exploring the health of local economies, recruitment and skills requirements, clients experience of services, or international good practice.

We design quality research guided by Social Research Association ethics using a range of tools, methods and software to get to the heart of the issue.

 We convert all this information into intelligence through careful analysis.  We create powerful visualisations to help clients and stakeholders understand key issues, trends and implications.

We help clients to use this intelligence to identify and shape practical responses and share findings to a range of audiences.



Research methods

We use a range of primary and secondary research methods including literature reviews, best practice benchmarking and data sourcing, one to one interviews, focus groups and ethnographic research to capture lived experiences.


Consultation tools

Our consultation methods are designed to suit each assignment.  From consulting with individuals and small groups, through to larger consultation and design events.  We are experts in finding ways to engage people and making their voice heard.


Data analysis

We are used to generating and analysing complex quantitative and qualitative data sets. We use tools such as Nvivo for analysis as well as using GIS mapping and infographic tools to illustrate data in engaging and accessible ways.

Recent Projects

Brighton and Hove City Council

Rocket Science conducted an extensive consultation and data review to inform a new employment and skills plan for the City.  We drew on public data to create a data story to illustrate labour market trends to prioritise actions and interventions to 2020.

Scottish Government Consultation

We conducted a thematic analysis of the responses to the Scottish Government’s public consultation on their approach to employability support, This involved qualitative and quantitative analysis of 215 public submissions.

Young Westminster

We are currently consulting with young people across Westminster on their needs and aspirations.  We are working with one of four foundations, established to better support young people.  We have trained young people as peer researchers and are mentoring them through the consultation process.

Check out our analysis of the Brighton and Hove labour market to inform their Employment and Skills Plan.

Our report analysing consultation responses for a new approach to Employability in Scotland