Category: Charities

The Barnes Fund

A review of poverty and needs in Barnes using Peer Research We conducted a community needs assessment for the Barnes Fund to understand what is needed within the local communities and improve outcomes in relation to poverty, younger and older residents, mental health and wellbeing, illness and disability, digital inclusion, education, housing and leisure needs. […]

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Yorkshire Funders

Mapping and visualising the flow and scale of grant funding in Yorkshire and Humber We conducted research into the voluntary sector funding in Yorkshire and Humber to increase the knowledge of the ‘funding ecology’ in the region. To provide a full picture, analysis was based on a range of data sources, including the UK Civil […]

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A New Direction

Developing a programme of CPD for teachers to support cultural education and careers Rocket Science partnered with A New Direction to carry out a CPD feasibility study for East Education. The CPD programme aimed to support teachers to better support young people into creative careers in Hackney, Newham, Tower Hamlets and Waltham Forest. The first […]

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