Evaluation and impact measurement

We are experts in evaluation and impact measurement techniques.

We evaluate projects, programmes and strategies, using both formative and summative approaches. 

We help clients develop and plan their evaluation using impact industry standards, building in opportunities for learning and find interesting ways to capture the voice of beneficiaries.

We design appealing tools and techniques to measure change and the difference a project is making.

And present our findings clearly and simply, drawing out practical recommendations and use accessible graphics to illustrate data and compelling narratives to tell the story.


Process and impact evaluations

Rocket Science has delivered over 25 evaluations in the past three years. We design frameworks and plans and measure effectiveness and value for money using HM Treasury Green Book principles. 


Support and learning for evaluation

Many clients and their partnerships need help to deliver their evaluations. We demystify the process and help clients to learn and build their own capacity through training, mentoring and practical support.

Measuring social and economic impact

We have a range of expertise in measuring social and economic impact of programmes. This includes Social Return on Investment and techniques that can capture returns using robust evidence and informed judgements.

Recent Projects

What Works Fund

Rocket Science is working with  Centrepoint, Shelter Scotland and the National Skills Academy for Financial Services to deliver process and impact evaluations funded through the What Works Fund.  This fund is building evidence on  the effectiveness of financial capability interventions. All of these projects are targeting support to young people, the homeless and vulnerable groups.

Community Shares

We have recently completed a three year evaluation of the Community Shares programme for Development Trust Association Scotland.  Community Shares harnesses local investment  to supporting community enterprises. We created an overarching evaluation framework working with an Expert Reference Group to reflect on progress, the issues and lessons, and refined aspects of the programme. 

The Yard

We conducted a Social Return on Investment analysis for a charity to help them show the impact of their work. The Yard provides a safe play space and respite care for children and young people with disabilities. We engaged extensively with all stakeholders and designed creative ways to engage families in the process. We produced an impact report with underpinning evidence and data.

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