Employability, Skills and Education

We are one of the leading UK consultancies in the area of employability and skills.

We have designed and evaluated national programmes and developed regional and local strategies and action plans.  

We have also helped organisations to innovate and design new services as well as help them secure funding and contracts. 

We work with councils, local partnerships, government agencies and departments, as well as private and third sector providers.

We also work with a range of FE Colleges and schools, helping them design pathways for young people to effectively transition from school and into work.

Designing and evaluating employability services

  We have been at the forefront of employment programme design for over 20 years and have a team of  experts who have worked in the field for many years.


Integrating work and health

From supporting people with disabilities into and sustaining work , through to the role of work in helping to overcome mental illness, we are helping clients to create integrated health and employment pathways.

Education and skills

We provide a range of support, including the assessment of social and  economic returns of skills interventions and help schools and post-16 providers to work more effectively with local employers.

Recent Projects

Havering Employment Strategy

We recently completed a three year strategy and action plan to support the council to implement a new approach to employment and skills.  To support poverty reduction and ensure that people were helped to sustain employment, we designed and costed a referral management system supported by a business case and cost benefit analysis.

Wise Steps Evaluation

We are leading the evaluation of Building Better Opportunities Wise Steps project for Tyne and Wear. We have developed a monitoring and evaluation framework and a mixed methodology approach to involve delivery partners, employers and participants between now and 2019. The Wise Group is a leading provider of services in the North East and Scotland.

Dundee City Council

We worked with Dundee City Council to develop practical ways of improving the performance of the local ‘employability service’. As part of this, we explored how to create a coherent and integrated system of advice and support for those seeking work – across a range of service providers, both local and national. We have also assessed the economic returns of the service.

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