Category: Poverty and Welfare

Climate justice and social justice: how poverty is impacted by, and simultaneously drives climate change

Tomorrow, Saturday 6 November, actions and demonstrations will take place in Glasgow, across the UK and the world for the Global Day for Climate Justice. Demonstrators are calling for more action to support disadvantaged communities to tackle the effects of climate change. The world’s most vulnerable communities are rapidly losing their livelihoods due to extreme […]

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Stronger Futures Programme 2021/22

Today, July 5th 2021, marks the launch of the Stronger Futures Programme The programme, funded by the Violence Reduction Unit is delivered by Rocket Science with the Black Training and Enterprise Group Read on to find out more and how to apply. Who is the Programme for? Launched today (5/7/2021), The Stronger Futures Programme will […]

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When is a distance travelled tool a bad idea?

Distance travelled tools are a popular way of understanding the progression someone has made through a service. They are almost a standard part of any funder or commissioner’s monitoring ask and certainly feature heavily in evaluations and impact measurement. Clare Hammond explores when and how to use distance travelled tools […]

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