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Dundee Partnership – Preventing Long Term Unemployment

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Dundee Partnership – Preventing Long Term Unemployment

In 2015, Rocket Science was commissioned by the Dundee Partnership to assess how well prevention was being used to address the risk of long term unemployment. As part of this work we:

  • Defined prevention in the context of preventing long term unemployment
  • Completed a literature review into best practice preventative services for long term unemployment
  • Analysed the routes to long term unemployment in Dundee using socio economic analysis of unemployment, poverty, and educational outcomes, from this analysis we were able to identify who was most at risk of long term unemployment, and therefore who preventative services should be targeted at
  • Mapped all employability related services available in Dundee into a Systems map in order to identify where there were gaps or duplication in service provision
  • Using this system map we were able to assess the extent to which prevention was being used in service design and delivery
  • Made a range of recommendations of changes to processes and the creation of new services that strengthened the use of prevention in Dundee
  • Used cost-benefit modelling to calculate the cost of unemployment in Dundee, and the potential savings available as a result of preventing long term unemployment through our recommendations.


For more information on our work on the prevention agenda and cost-benefit modelling call the Edinburgh office on 0131 226 4949

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