Elektra Lapavitsas

Elektra Lapavitsas



Elektra is a Consultant in the London Office at Rocket Science. She has a background in carrying out data collection and analysis in order to inform a range of social-policy related research. Elektra has skills and experience in carrying out interviews and focus groups; analysing a range of data sets obtained from fieldwork; and writing up research findings and reports in a clear way for different audiences. For this she has used software such as NVivo in analysing data obtained from fieldwork. Elektra has also worked with young people both as a teaching assistant and a researcher. She also has experience engaging young people in fieldwork, and training them to become peer researchers themselves.

Key Skills:

  • Conducting interview and focus group fieldwork
  • Qualitative research and analysis: primary and secondary sources
  • Qualitative data processing using software such as NVivo or LexisNexis


  • Engagement with young people
  • Education
  • Policy analysis


  • Master of Science in Social Policy, London School of Economics
  • Bachelor of Arts in History, University of Cambridge

Little Weaknesses:

  • Chocolate
  • RuPaul’s Drag Race
  • 90s music