Eleanor Sanders White

Eleanor Sanders White


Eleanor is a Consultant at Rocket Science, with a background in both the humanities and the sciences. She has strong qualitative and quantitative analysis skills combined with a broader sociological understanding of research and analysis. She has research and practical experience with a range of projects across health and social care, food poverty, employability and education.

Key Skills:

  • Partnership working
  • Interviews and focus groups with vulnerable people
  • Qualitative and quantitative research and analysis, including proficiency with NVivo
  • Understanding of the public and third sectors


  • Youth issues including health and wellbeing
  • Health and social care
  • Employability
  • Multiple barriers and social exclusion


  • BA (Hons), Natural Sciences (High 2.1), University of Cambridge

Little weaknesses:

  • Can’t tell left from right
  • Chewer of pens (get through several a week)
  • Can’t go a day without music